Friday Fashion.


Friday Fashion is new here on Kait’s life, every friday, I will give two outfit choices.

One for “date night” and one for “casual friday”

I love to shop.

Be it online, or at the largest Mall in North America or even little boutiques on 17th Ave

I love to shop for myself, for my husband, for my baby, for my house. Really anything.

It gives me thrills.

So here goes nothing.

Two outfits for today.

One is “Date night”

the second is “casual friday”


Date night. Except hubs is going to work. So should be titled, what I would wear if we were going on a date tonight.

Shirt is from RW & co last summers sale.

Pants are from Costa Blanca

I love these pants. I got them last week with my Seester.

They are so comfy, and instead of a zipper, they have three buttons.

(Interesting side note: when buying jeans, buy one size smaller than what is comfy, as jeans (especially the ones with spandex in them) stretch out a whole size)


Shirt is from the Joe brand.

I love it, it is one of the most comfortable shirt I own.


What are your friday fashion favourites?



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