Pity party.


Today has been a no good horrible rotten day.

This morning was great, I started sewing while HotBabyDaddy went to the Remembrance day service in town (Little T was sleeping, so we stayed home.)  and all was well with the world.

Then we went to the inlaws.

I love my inlaws, honestly I do. My sister-in-law (I call her my Seeester) is one of my nearest and dearest friends.

But sometimes they drive me up the wall.

Usually it is when I am PMSing. (Whic FYI, is not the case for today)

I don’t know what it was today, but all I wanted to do was cry, or punch someone in the ovaries.

It didn’t help that I found out today, that we don’t get to go to Mexico in January (thanks AHS, I’m still p’od at you). I know, what a thing to cry about.

People are starving everywhere and I’m upset because I don’t get to go on a vacation.

To top it off, there hasn’t been much sleep here, Little T is cutting a tooth, and has an ear infection AND last night his breathing was so bad that we took him to emerg. Turns out the Dr thinks it’s asthma, we’ll see.

I don’t want to complain. I don’t like complaining. But sometimes I feel like no one around me is listening.

I put so much hope into that vacation. It was our chance to get away from this crazy little town. Our chance to introduce Little T to something new and exciting (not that he will really care, or remember). It was what was keeping me sane.

Lé sigh.

Either really angry, or constipated.



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  1. Dude cry and betch all you want! Vacations are important dammit! So is a healthy baby! That’s a lot of stress on your plate! So go ahead, find some ovaries and some activia (you know for the constipation) and vent away..people are listening 😉

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