pilates pilates oh death.


I did something new.

I stepped out of my comfort zone.

On Monday I did my very first pilates class. It was torture amazing.

I put my sweats on (I refused to wear my lululemon booty shorts in public) and learned something new. It was amazing.

I learned that one can touch their toes with their hands while standing up.

I learned that this is actually achievable. Seriously, I never realized that my body could be this flexible.

It’s called the corkscrew; apparently with a little ton of exercise my body will be able to bend like I was a baby in utero.

I’m proud of myself.

I’m proud that I learned something new.

I’m even more proud that since starting pilates on Monday, I have gone for walks every day.

I’ve even lost some weight! Currently down to 152! WAHOO! Only 20 more pounds till pre-pregnancy weight!

This week has been good for me.

Not only have I been motivated to workout, I also was motivated to start and finish a sewing project.

(Which I will share with you all once I can.)

This week, I gave up sugary drinks. My beverage of choice, iced tea. It really isn’t good for me, and it won’t help me lose the weight I want to.

Especially with the amount that I drink.

I’m proud of myself.



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