Foodie post.


I love food. Seriously love it. I have been known to eat all sorts of crazy things when offered.

So when Hot Baby Daddy told me what he was going to be making for supper, I decided to snap some pictures so that you might enjoy it too!

We have chicken in a white sauce with cheese, over green beans on a Demsters Thinfuls. So freaking amazing.

(disclaimer: I was not paid to write this. Dempsters did NOT in any way shape or form to even offer to pay for this.Tragic.

If you want me to do a review email me at kaitevans at gmail dot com)

So we started with a few of Demsters Thinfuls.

Green beans. Yum!We then added some mixed veggies, that had been steamed until they were tender.

Then the chicken was cooked, seasoned and diced.

Then we made a white sauce.

Kind of like this one but I added salt and pepper.


Then we mixed the cheese into the white sauce. Yum.

Then we added the chicken into the cheesy white sauce.

We put the chicken mixture on the mixed veggies, which was on the thinfuls.

Then we added even more cheese, and baked it at 350f for about 10 minutes.

Seriously, it was amazing.

Even Little T enjoyed it…Well he enjoyed looking at it.

Love him.


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