Guilty Pleasure(s)



Todays’ guilty pleasure(s) is brought to you

by the letter “B

as in

Britain’s Next Top Model.

We all have our own guilty little pleasures.

Mine (aside from ahem procreating with HotBabyDaddy) are my own little piece of enjoyment. The whip cream on (get your mind out of the gutter) my mug o’ hot chocolate, the ice cream on my apple pie. The Chuck Norris on the oh well never mind.

My guilty pleasure(s)

How I Met Your Mother.

Seriously, kill me now. Really I only watch it for NPH.

Chocolate cake with icing.

A nice moist huge piece of cake really is my favourite. Wining and dining really doesn’t hold a candle to chocolate cake. Good thing I have an iced cake in the kitchen!


140 characters, nuff said.

America’s Next Top Model.

Tyra. I love you.

Lacy things.

Lace.Lace.Lace.Lace. Underthings. (tumbling)

Country Music.

I love it. The more twang the better.

We all have our own secret (or not so secret) guilty pleasure(s). Some is just for the excitement of it, some for the shear pleasure of it, and some as a way of coping with issues what we have. Which would explain why I don’t feel bad after eating a pan piece of cake  every now and then.

What are your guilty pleasures?


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