Facebook has ruined me


It has officially been two weeks since I gave up my “cocaine”.

How am I doing since? Well like a good addict I found something new (hello Twitter) which isn’t nearly as addicting as fakebook, but is still a source of wonderfulness. I have stopped using “facebook” as a verb [I’m a verb verb verb I’m an action word. “go facebook it” instead of “go check it out”]. I have also stopped the urge to post a thousand million pictures of myself doing the kiss/pout/duck face pose.
I no longed feel inclined to tell everyone what I am doing, like showering [yes I did post that on fakebook once, or twice] or having a horrible day. Instead I put that on twitter. [follow me]

Gone are the days of picture stalking, status whoring and wasting time.

Instead my days are filled with playing with Little T, going for walking, blogging, reading, photography and spending time with the people I love.

I wish I would have not been to pig headed and done this sooner.

15 days of being facebook free, 15 more to go!  an undetermined amount to go.


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  1. Why the turn of events? I have actually forgotten more than once about facebook now that the blog is in full swing. There are only so many social media events a mama can attend to in one day!

    • I was laying in bed last night and was like “hola I don’t even miss it.”
      I’ll still have an account and add pictures, I just won’t become as obsessive with it as I use to be.

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