Five generations of crazy.


He is 4 months old,
She is 1,149 months old (95.75 years).
He is new and curious,
She is soft spoken and wise.
He was travelled far to see her,
She has travelled and waited a lifetime to meet him.
He drools and giggles while
She smiles and says “that’s what babies do”

Little T met his Great Great Grandma yesterday. It was one of the moments I had always prayed that would happen.
She has always been the woman I have looked up to. Raising seven kids and loving countless grandchildren, great grandchildren and now within the last five years three great great grandsons. She knows every single one of us by name, a fact that has always made me proud.

Eagerly she got up off the couch (or sofa as she called it) and walked to a dresser where her tiny hands opened the drawer and pulled out a soft yellow baby blanket. Excitedly she told my mother that she made it yellow because you never know what the babys’ gender will be until they are born. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we did the ultrasound to find out that Little T was indeed a boy.

I asked her if her son ever had a rough time being the only boy. She laughed and said that he never wanted to play dolls. I laughed and thought of the many times that I tried to make my brothers play “house”.

In a drawer in my house I have a copy of her fathers’ journal. Reliving the horrors and hardship that they endured just to flee the brutal German soldiers. Something that she rarely talks about. But even with all the things that she has seen, there is a grace about her. Something that she will tell you is from her relationship with God. Something that I am continually working on.

In his lifetime he has seen few things
In her lifetime she has seen the transfer from horses to cars, from traveling by boat to plane. From huge telephones to cell phones. From black and white tv to colour satellite tv.

When he is 95 I wonder what he will have seen in his lifetime


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  1. Awwww, I love this post , my daughters are both very close with their great Grandma. It means a lot to see them interact. I do always think about what very different worlds they will live in in their lifetimes. My girls give the Great Grandma a reason to continue on and the Great Grandma teaches my girls about their history.

  2. That is amazing! Both for the fact that she has lived through so much and the idea of how much your little guy has to live. What an amazing experience! I hope you took pictures so you can show him and tell this story some day to him and his kids.

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