8 questions for you (about me)


Who doesn’t love a good game of (blog) tag?

1. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I loved to write. I wanted to share my story and maybe make some friends along the way.

2. If you could travel any where in the world with no restriction of costs, where would it be and why? At the moment it is a tie between going to Wales, and going to Bora Bora. I would love to go to Wales, because it is where my Grandfather-in-law is from. Hubs has always talked about going there…and what is more romantic than walking through old castles? Reason why I want to go to Bora Bora…have you seen the beaches? Sure I could go to L.A and see a nice beach, or go to Florida (notice how I am not mentioning any Canadian beaches..haha) but the point of this no cost restrictions is to go somewhere I have dreamt about but probably won’t ever get to go. Unless someone else paid for us to go…

3. Did you have a teacher in school that had a great influence on your life? I would say, my mother. Yes, I was home-schooled for high school. Don’t judge me.

4. If you could spend the day with a famous person, who would it be, and what would you do? It’s a toss up between Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace Kelly. Both were beautiful women. I love their style, such class. We would have tea, and then talk about parenting and lifestyle choices that we have made.

5. Toilet paper — over or under? As my brother-in-law says…”the water goes over the waterfall. not under”

6. Name one thing in your life that you would do over if possible. That’s a tough one. It would either be convince my husband to come to Europe with me (back when we were dating) or instead of having a normal wedding we would have eloped or done a destination wedding.

7. Tell about your pets — if any. I don’t have any. I would love a puppy (a greyhound, well at this point really any kind) but Hubs says no. But I will tell you this, when we do get a puppy, his (or her, I’m not picky) name will be potato. Or Ronaldo. As in Cristiano. Maybe we will call him Ronnie for short.

8. Do you live in a small town or a large town. I think this stanza of Tracy Byrd’s song “I’m from the country”  describes my town perfectly.

Everybody knows everybody, everybody calls you friend
You don’t need an invitation, kick off your shoes come on in
Yeah, we know how to work and we know how to play
We’re from the country and we like it that way

Now it is your turn!

TAG,  you’re it!

Take these questions and run with them!

Thanks to MultipleMama for the game of tag!


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