Facebook is my crack


Dear Facebook.

Why must you be so addicting. You really are my cocaine.

Which is why, we must part ways. For at least a month, so that I can regroup.

Figure how to do this motherhood thing. How to run a successful household.

Because you, dear Facebook (my mother calls you “Fakebook”, I think I will refer to you as that) are not worth the time that I have spent with you. It was fabulous while I was on bed rest (22 weeks preggie contracting = tons of tv, and way to much fakebook), but alas my baby boy has arrived and life is beautiful.

Which is why I need to spend as much time as I can with him. I want to spend all my time watching him grow, not playing farmville or creepin’ peoples profiles.

So until at least October 1, dear Fakebook, I bid you adieu.




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