That type.


I always swore I’d never be that type. You know the who I’m talking about. The type of woman, wife, mother that sacrifices who she is for her family.

I swore I would put my education and career before a man and family. That changed when we got married at 19. (No, I wasn’t pregnant. Can’t people get married without being pregnant?)

I swore that I wouldn’t ever be the frumpy mom. You know the ones that wear baggy sweat pants and have their hair shoved into a pony tail. That flew out the window post labour. Comfort won over style.

I swore I would shower everyday after I had Baby T. Daily showers? What a luxury.

I swore that I would be back down to pre-pregnancy weight by the time T was 3 months old. Maybe I would be if I stopped eating junk food.

I swore that my house would be a sanctuary. It might be a sanctuary for slobs. Why is it so hard to keep this place clean?

I swore I’d never been a green Mama. You know, the cloth diapering, baby wearing, co-sleeping (Little T does sleep in his crib all night, till about 5, then we “co-sleep” till about 9.) ┬ábaby lead weaning type mom. I am all of those things. We’ve successfully cloth diapered for the past 3 months. We didn’t start till he was a month, cause they didn’t fit.

While I have broken all of the molds that I swore I wouldn’t be, I feel confidant in who I am.

I love comments.

What are things that you said you would never do or be?


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  1. Love your blog, it’s funny & shows the reality of having a new little one! I thought I’d never say “Get out of the kitchen, I’m cooking!” like my mom did. But here I am three kids later and it’s impossible to cook tripping over them and answering their never ending questions. Ah, well.
    Feel free to check out my blog at:

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