Well it’s a start.


Today, I started my day like any other. Rich gets the baby from the nursery and then I promptly nursed the little one in bed. That’s how we roll. Usually all three of us then proceed to fall asleep till 10 or 11. (Have I told you how much I love morning naps?)

(Reason why Rich gets to stay home, is that he is an EMT, meaning he is gone 48 hours, home 96, during those 96 hours we have lazy mornings)

But today, today was different. It started out as usual, but then Baby had a poopy diaper (typical mommy blog, talking about baby poop) which almost never happens. So I changed him and went to deal with the mess of a diaper. Now since we do cloth, that meant I needed to do a load of diapers. And then I heard my mom working out in the basement…and thats where things got different.

You see, my parents are living with us while they are on furlough. One day I will explain what they do and why they were here. But not now.

Anyway, I saw that the sweet woman who birthed me, was doing “Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum 2010” on the wii and needless to say I was interested. So I did it, and boy do I feel amazing. My calves are burning (still, its been half an hour since doing it) and I am covered in sweat. (No I haven’t showered, there has been a line up waiting for it)

Now before I had Teagan I never ever stuck to a work out plan. Because, well I didn’t need one,  pre-baby I weighed 123lbs and was 5 foot 7. I still am 5’7 but no longer can you use my ribs as if they were a xylophone. Seriously, it was that bad.  I do not want to get down to that weight, instead what I would like to do it get toned. My goal is to look great and be comfortable in my body.

What’s your goal?


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