My laziness


So since I last wrote I have gone running a total of one, yes one, time. Reasons in order of importance: I am lazy. Jogging buddies and I had busy schedules this week. Its been raining for the past two weeks. We went camping (At inlaws farm). I found out I get horrible shin splints, that last a few days, after I run. Inadequate babysitting. Baby T still isn’t big enough to go running yet. Did I mention how lazy I am? So do I continue with the shin splints or try something new? Ps follow me on Twitter @kaitevans I would love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Hey there!!

    here is my advice…having been a personal trainer for years and knowing a little about this area 🙂

    Do you really enjoy running? That needs to be your first question…and then Why are you running? If the answers are not particularly to the first and to get in shape to the second…STOP running!!!

    Running is not the most optimal way to burn fat and to get into shape….trust me on this one!!

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