In an attempt…


…to get healthy and back to weight in which I feel comfortable with. I have started writing this blog; my so called motivator, my attempt at keeping myself sane (writing has always been my stress reliever), my way of keeping track of my goals. It is many things, and I hope that in doing this I will be able to help not only myself but also others who want to get in shape!

So my goals right now are to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight…So 134. I don’t even know my weight right now, as we don’t own a scale.

My next goal is to be able to run a 5km run. I am going to be using Go Nicole Yourself! podcast and am going to be running with my friend Jess.

Since I am the type of person that needs motivation for everything, I have decided that upon completion of my two goals I will be allowed to get anything I want from Lululemon.

So tell me, what are the goals that you have set up and are working on?


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